Systec Media’s team of professionals has considerable experience with usability, web standards, and accessibility. Our team responsibly produces websites that can be used by everyone. Systec Media makes every effort to make sure that our products meet the current relevant legislation, current best-practice, and our own criteria. Please find some of the most important considerations below.

Standards compliance

All pages on this site aim to validate as XHTML Strict. The universal validation program can determine with complete accuracy whether a page is valid XHTML. While we try to make all of our pages validate, there are still elements that we may purposely use that will make certain pages fail.


Systec Media believes that all of our website information should be accessible regardless of the browser used. Like many other web development teams, support standards-compliant browsers as our main priority to ensure delivery of information to all browsers. Systec Media strongly support web standards and forward thinking design and layout. We actively make use of new methodologies and latest specifications.

This website makes use of layout and visual techniques made available with the CSS3 specification, and these methods are supported within Internet Explorer version 8, Firefox v2 upwards, Safari, Opera v9 upwards, and Mac’s Camino. While users browsing with IE8 or below, Firefox 1.x, and older browsers visual experience may be reduced, all information will still be accessible.

Handheld Devices

Currently, we have not yet implemented the layout and configuration for mobile and handheld devices. Using web standards, our web pages can still be delivered in their entirety to any mobile device, although we plan to implement our handheld stylesheets in the near future to improve the browsing experience on devices with small screens and limited web access.


  1. Links are written to make sense out of context – we do not use “click here”.
  2. Links to PDF, Word documents, or other downloadable files are clearly marked as such, and links to contact information is also clearly labeled. There is also a Microformat icon beside the links to help users.
  3. Most links to external websites or web resources open in the same browser window for accessibility reasons.


  1. All content images used in this site include descriptive ALT attributes and decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.
  2. Most background and decorative images are created in external therefore they do not require ALT attributes.
  3. Our website is designed so that the content is still accessible when stylesheets are not available or when images turned off.

Content and structure

  1. This site uses CSS for visual layout, and elements of unobtrusive JavaScript for aesthetic and validation behavior.
  2. Any behavioral functions will degrade and all content will remain accessible, if JavaScript is not available or disabled.
  3. The text on this website can be enlarged or reduced in size using built-in browser tools; however, Systec Media recommends using a modern browser with text zoom capabilities.